Tax Matrix | Tax Training
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Tax Training

Tax Matrix is a Training Institution registered with the Zimbabwean Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development  as a Non-governmental Technical and Vocational and Education Training Institution to offer tax training and issue certificates.

Tax Conference

This is hosted annually as a forum for dialogue amongst the various stakeholders in the region, in matters of tax development and policy formulation.

Tax and Business Interface Week

A week long workshop allocating each day to related business sectors for interaction,  tax development and policy formulation.

Facilitated Workshops and Seminars

These are periodic courses on emerging issues .These presentations will be open to the public, companies or groups.

Module Based Courses – Short Courses

These are module based courses broken down into small parts as per set topics. They are knowledge accumulation courses aimed at capacity enhancement, suiting personnel engaged in transactional processing, advisors and small businesses.

Customised courses

These are client specific courses  for individuals, organizations and industries.