The value of tax assurance is relevant to just about every business in the world. With the assistance of a credentialed tax assurance expert, a business can ensure that it is always in the best possible position to have all relevant financial records readily accessible and prepared with nothing but the correct information. It greatly reduces the risk of businesses being led astray with a false sense of security by hidden information risks.  We mitigate these risks for you through review of tax systems, transactions and financial documents such as a loan agreements, contracts for possible tax risks. Not only do we assist clients navigate the complexities, risks and opportunities within their business but also proactively manage and monitors tax risks presented by third-party relationships. Our arrays of services are:

  • Drafting of tax risk management policy
  • Drafting of tax procedure manuals
  • Tax health checks and audits
  • Tax Due Diligence review.
  • Representation in board meetings on matters of tax
  • Training of board members on tax risk management