The journey of tax compliance starts with the business registering for the applicable taxes. This is important for purposes of avoiding costly and sometimes criminal penalties and interest. Tax Matrix mitigates these risks for you through timeous tax registration. Where registration has for some reason been delayed we negotiate on your behalf for a voluntary disclosure agreement or amnesty programme. We prepare and file tax returns on your behalf thereby insuring you against unexpected audits, the threat of garnish orders and tax recoveries etc. that may arise from non-compliance with the tax laws. Our practical solutions include:

  • Tax registration
  • Application to ZIMRA for a Change of Status.
  • Computation and/or reviewing of tax computations and relevant schedules.
  • Preparation and lodging of tax returns
  • Applications for refunds and offsets.
  • Applications for Change in Fiscal year.
  • Applications for Tax exemption certificates.
  • Handling queries with the Revenue Authorities.
  • Reconciliation of the ZIMRA accounts against clients ledgers.