Transfer pricing policy drafting and defense

Digitalisation is among the factors fueling the growth of cross border trading of goods and services within multinational enterprises. The problem is that these transactions are not exposed to the same market forces as transactions between independent enterprises. If their prices are artificially lowered or increased they may lead to taxable profits being shifted from one country to another. For this reason tax authorities are demanding parity of conditions of exchange of goods and services within multinational companies compared to transactions involving independent parties. Fines such as adjustments to taxable income, penalties, and interest, double taxation are imposed for failing to comply with this rule. To assist you managing these risks, Tax Matrix has assembled a team of experts to oversee the entire transfer pricing (TP) life cycle, and our services include:

  • Drafting transfer pricing policy documents
  • Business Restructuring
  • Advance Pricing Agreements
  • Transfer Pricing Audit Defense
  • Transfer Pricing Training